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Hello I'm Daisy,.. ("pink" fit the blog & space) and I am here to build a space and community to show you that "perfect" doesn't exist. That we all have struggles and that is okay.

I will share REAL/ R A W and everyday life to inspire your own (specially living during these modern/social media times) many have a certain perception of what "life should be". We should ALL love our lives, as they are and as it comes.

I believe that we should build each other up (also to restore a little faith in humanity) so you will find posts on motherhood, everyday life & prob one or two crazy stories (that I swear they can only happen to me lol)

I am married. Have one kid. Work in the corporate world & live in L.A (which means we stay busy or stuck in traffic lol)

I am passionate about helping others love the life they are already living. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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